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Wool gloves woman

Wool gloves for women autumn winter 2022 season now available to buy gloves online. Touch knit gloves that you can use with your mobile. Warm gloves for women with a lot of style.

Knitted gloves are a winter classic. They are comfortable, light and easy to wear.

Our woollen gloves always have a different touch. In addition to the softness of the wool we use to make them, we always add our special touch of style to them: a two-tone set, a special finish, a detail in the piping, a ruffle that finishes it off, a button on the back of the wrist... a distinctive touch to make a traditional garment, knitted gloves, a special glove to give as a gift or to be given as a present.

Use your mobile phone without any problem with Santacana's woollen gloves for mobiles.

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