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Scarves for women

Scarves for women. Find among all the neck accessories handmade with the best wool, angoras and cashmeres.

Wearing a scarf during cold weather helps protect the delicate throat area and can prevent you from catching a cold.

A soft cashmere scarf or wool scarf protects the neck and face and provides a very comfortable feeling.

But women's scarves are not just a warm garment.

Wool scarves, cashmere scarves, angora scarves, pashminas, collars and stoles are also a fashion accessory, a perfect accessory to combine with our style of dress.

Also for men they can be a perfect complement and a perfect gift.

Do you also want to see our men's scarves?

At Santacana we create our women's scarves with ecological and sustainable materials, check out our recycled wool and cashmere scarves, our wool scarves certified as mulesing free!

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