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Women's gloves

In Santacana you will find the women's glove you are looking for. From our warm women's gloves, warm women's winter gloves in wool, cashmere, leather or angora, to our driving gloves, through our women's dress gloves for ceremonies and for your most elegant looks.

Handmade gloves, like the ones we make at Santacana are an excellent choice if you want a quality product. Their manufacture with genuine materials and leather, and their handmade production, make them unique.

Dress gloves for special occasions

Women's dress gloves are a fashion statement that has been maintained over the years and has become popular as a way to dress with elegance and style. Wearing a pair of gloves to weddings, parties, formal events and other special events will make any outfit look even more sophisticated and elegant.

Winter gloves to wear

Winter dress gloves are a perfect garment to keep your hands warm on cold days when you need to be outdoors. Made from soft and warm materials such as wool or cashmere, you can pair them with coats, jackets and winter suits for a more elegant look. Stylish leather gloves can also keep you warm in winter. 

Women's driving gloves

Leather driving gloves are an excellent choice if you want to drive safely and comfortably. These gloves are made of soft, yet durable and comfortable materials. They are designed to provide a firm grip, allowing the driver better control over the steering wheel.

Buy your gloves at Santacana. We have the women's gloves you need.

Women's gloves for winter.

- Original women's gloves to combine with your winter clothes that will make all your looks more original and elegant.

Pattern gloves

Wool and cashmere gloves

- Dress gloves for women that complement your outfit with style and elegance.

Leather gloves

- Driving gloves

If you are looking for gloves to give as a gift and you want stylish gloves and warm women's gloves, take a look at our wool gloves sections and find the perfect gift.

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