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Kikoy skirt ST-KP-01

Kikoy skirt ST-KP-01

Kenia kikoy skirt/ pareo. Meassure: 116X43+5

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Coloured kikoy that you can use as skirt or pareo. Great for going to beach or spend the day in a swimmingpool with some friend.

Kikoys are pieces of pure cotton fabric originally from East Africa and more specifically from the area of ​​Kenya. These rectangular-shaped pieces are woven completely by hand on manual looms and the vivid colors they present are obtained through an incredible mixture of semi-natural dyes. The result is a very resistant, light, refreshing, natural fabric of astonishing beauty. You will never tire of it.

Traditionally used by men, they have resulted in a series of articles that due to their attractive color and multiple possible uses; towels, sarongs, bags, hats, scarves, bathrobes, toiletry bags ... they are highly appreciated by both sexes and suitable for all ages.

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