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A collection of summer hats so you can protect yourself from the sun in style. Men's and women's summer hats and summer dress hats.

Summer hats are a great way to protect yourself from the sun, as well as being a very versatile fashion item. 

Wearing a cap in summer is not just a matter of style, they are an essential item of clothing, because they protect us from the sun, protect our skin and hair from the sun's rays and keep our heads cool.

But of course, since we have to protect ourselves, it is better to do it with a summer cap that brings us elegance and comfort.

At Santacana we have summer caps for men and summer caps for women.

Types of summer caps

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. Summer cap with a wide brim: 

This cap is characterised by a wide brim and a large visor to protect from the sun. It can be made of fabric or mesh, and there is a wide variety of styles, colours and prints.

. Summer baseball caps: 

Baseball caps are a fashion classic that is still very popular. They are usually made of cotton, which absorbs sweat, and have a curved brim to protect us from the sun.

. Bob caps or fisherman's caps:

This cap is a very cool option for hot days. This type of summer cap has a large crown for protection and a wide brim for better visibility.

. Trucker's cap:

This summer cap is very comfortable. Made of lightweight cotton, it is lightweight and keeps your face out of the sun thanks to its wide brim.

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