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Driving gloves for cars and motorbikes

Driving gloves for men and women. Driving gloves are much more than an accessory, they are the comfort at the wheel. Enjoy driving in winter or summer with leather driving gloves. Handmade gloves made in Spain.

Driving gloves are much more than an accessory when it comes to sitting behind the wheel.

When the automobile industry began to take its first steps and the first units began to roll, these garments were indispensable to protect driver’s hands from the fumes given off by the vehicles, at very high temperatures.

Not in vain that space in front of the front passenger seat is called the glove box.

What are the advantages of wearing driving gloves?

  1. Better grip
  2. Less wear and tear 
  3. Better protection

Summer driving gloves, cooler driving mittens, leather gloves for driving a classic car... wearing driving gloves will not only give you the advantages they offer, but you will also feel incredibly stylish.

What makes Santacana driving gloves so special?

Our driving gloves are handmade.

We do all the work right from scratch, in a handcrafted way and with national leather, tanned in Catalonia. The best raw material and the expert work of artisan glove makers to achieve soft and grippy driving gloves.

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