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Men's caps to wear and to go sport. Choose among our models of men's caps the one that suits you best.

Wearing caps in summer helps us protect our face and head from the sun and heat, but wearing caps in winter also has advantages, since it prevents heat loss from our body, which occurs mainly through the head.

But also caps are a fashion accessory, perfect to combine with our style of dress.

In Santacana you will find different styles of men's caps

• caps man dress
• Men's fashion caps
• Men's winter caps
• Summer´s caps

Among men's caps, one of the most used is cloth caps, lined caps that stand out for their comfort and warmth.

Choose the model of men's cap that best suits your style or visit our section of men's dress caps if you prefer that way of taking care of your head from the cold.

If you are looking for men's summer caps, check out our specific section for summer.

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